Germany vs Sweden

Germany vs Sweden Live Stream, Watch Free 2019 Womens World cup: Steady, unshakable Sweden is headed to the Women’s World Cup quarterfinals. The same side that upset the United States with uncanny discipline in the 2016 Olympics lulled Canada to sleep in the World Cup round of 16, and when it struck on the counterattack, immediately the match seemed out of reach.


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Germany vs Sweden
2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Quarterfinals
Place: Roazhon Park, Rennes
Date: 29-June-2019
Time: 12:30 pm ET

Germany vs Sweden

Germany vs Sweden Live Stream

Some one-goal leads feel shaky, potentially shattered with a single well-placed blow. Others feel unbreakable, supported with layer upon layer of defense. Sweden’s never wavered. Its 1-0 victory over Canada was a display of certainty, chemistry and patience.

Kosovare Asllani led a run out in the 55th minute and fed Stina Blackstenius for the lone score. Almost 15 minutes later, an Asllani handball gave Canada a chance to equalize, but Swedish keeper Hedvig Lindahl calmly knocked the chance aside.

Never again did Canada truly threaten as a determined group of Swedes punched clearance after clearance out of harm’s way.

In the first half, the effort was plodding and boring. In the second, it was a smooth master class in team defending, one developed over years, one capable of knocking over giants.

In-game updates

Final: Sweden 1, Canada 0

Sweden will face Germany on Friday in the quarterfinals.

69th minute: Canada can’t equalize

Canada may not have a better chance to tie the game. Desiree Scott volleyed a shot from just outside the Swedish 18-yard box that caught Kosovare Asllani’s arm as she came out to block it. The referee consulted VAR and awarded Canada a penalty, but Swedish keeper Hedvig Lindahl was equal to the task and knocked away Janine Beckie’s shot.

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