European Games 2019

European Games 2019 Live Stream Full Coverage Watch Free: We’ve got you completely covered at the 2nd European Games in Minsk on June 21- July 1, with live streams of the action, highlights clips, and live text updates right here on the blog. What more can you ask for? European Games live from Minsk in Belarus.


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European Games 2019
Events: 200 in 15 sports
Place: Location: Dinamo Stadium, Minsk, Belarus
Date: June 21- July 1, 2019

European Games 2019

European Games 2019 Live Stream

6:26 – Timo Boll and Jonathan Groth in play

Germany’s superstar paddler Timo Boll is engaged in another fascinating table tennis encounter with Denmark’s Jonathan Groth.

It’s so close this one, the World No.6 (Boll) vs the World No.18.

They shared one game each to start with and the third went to 14-12.

Groth leading by 2 games to 1.

6:12 – Yu Fu is European Games table tennis Champion!

It’s gold for Portugal as Yu Fu defeats Germany’s Ying Han to win her first major title.

Rio silver medallist Han fought back from 2-0 down but her defensive style was overcome of Fu’s attacking intent.

Fu won it 4-2 – 11-5, 11-8, 9-11, 9-11, 11-6, 11-7.

Both have booked their places at the Tokyo 2020.

5:28 – Table tennis final on a knife edge

Traded blows, sharing scores, the German and the Portuguese players are putting on a show. First Fu just misses the corner, then Han holds on with a series of top defensive shots.

Ying Han is a Rio 2016 silver medallist and 3-time European team gold medallist, Yu Fu is a European singles silver medallist from Budapest 2016.

And it’s all even!

2 games each. Ying has turned around a 2 game deficit

4:53 – Shooting: “A heartbeat can make you miss”

Imagine consciously taking a shot between heartbeats.

That’s the level of timing and concentration required at elite sharpshooting level.

Double Baku 2015 shooting gold medallist Petra Zublasing gave us an insight into the sport:

“Shooting is very draining on the mind because you have to stay perfectly still the entire time which requires a lot of control of all the small muscles in your body,” the Olympian told the Minsk 2019 press team.

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